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St Andrew Parish Refugee Initiative

As a community, St. Andrew Parish is proud to be involved in assisting with the resettlement of a Syrian family of seven who are now living in Lebanon. We hope they will arrive sometime in the next two or three months.

Please get involved in anyway you wish and join us in this community initiative.

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Final Update  |   Calendar

After a year of preparation and anxious waiting, our parish community has finally welcomed and received the Syrian  family we are sponsoring to settle in Canada.

The family arrived early on the morning of December 27.

Six family members are now here and are eternally grateful to you for your kindness, your friendship and your help. The oldest son, 18, just started university in Bosnia and will be rejoining his family before the year is out.

St. Andrew's new settlement committee has undertaken to support the family for a full year or until they can become self-sufficient. We will provide them with housing, furniture, groceries and financial and emotional support for a year. We will help their children get established in school and we will help the parents find jobs. Most importantly, after nearly five years of fear and deprivation, we are giving this family new hope and a new life as permanent residents of Canada.

Like four million Syrian refugees who have fled their homeland since violence erupted there in 2011, our family fled only with what they could carry and with what they considered important: mainly their children's clothes and school books. For nearly five years they lived in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in a makeshift tent. Now, they are permanent residents of Canada and active members of our community in Oakville.

As new friends and neighbours they have helped bring our parish and our community together in a special way.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Thanks to those that sponsored in kind:

 and Homestead Land Holdings Limited